Design Thinking for your event

Design Thinking can turn the working atmosphere of events or conferences into one that is exceptionally creative and productive. We design formats and modules that allow events to become collaborative experiences.

You are planning to have an event in which you want to activate the participants or in which you want to enrich the content with an innovation input? The HPI Academy can assist you by planning individual formats - no matter if you have 5 or 150 people, or if you have two hours or two days.

The development and the preparation of Design Thinking events can include the following services:

  • Concept for Design Thinking Events
  • Concept of interactive, dialogue-based and open formats 
  • Development of interdisciplinary workshops conducted under the guidance of Design Thinking experts
  • Selection and booking of renowned speakers, leading experts and moderators
  • A selection of forward-looking models, methods, solutions and innovations from the areas of management, research and education, which are individually compiled for each company
  • Providing the right location at HPI