Study Design Thinking

Studying at the HPI School of Design Thinking is also possible for professionals: Together with the students of the Design Thinking Basic Track you can experience Design Thinking in practical group work on real world projects over a whole semester.

Students of diverse disciplines will work together with you in a team of 5-6 people. In the Basic Track you get to know Design Thinking and can try out different subject areas. The semester starts with a one-week project that introduces the method and mindset of Design Thinking. In the following one-, three-, and six-week projects you can actively investigate users, familiarize yourself with intensive teamwork and make amazing prototypes.

Besides the project work, multi-faceted workshops on the tricks and tools of the process steps are an integral part of the curriculum. Experienced coaches and instructors accompany our students with plenty of   expertise and experience from the working world. Additionally, intensive input from members of the Design Thinking community provides for a rapid growth of knowledge.