Formats for individuals

Based on years of experience and close cooperation with our partners at the d.school at Stanford and at HPI, HPI Academy has developed Design Thinking formats that enable executives to learn and successfully, confidently apply Design Thinking in their work.

Unsere Formate für Einzelteilnehmer an der HPI Academy

Open Course - Quickstarter for Executives

  • Discover the impact of Design Thinking. Dive into a dynamic learning journey with instant takeaways for your work
  • duration: 3-day workshop

Design Thinking Advanced 

  • The workshop "Design Thinking Advanced" is a format for participants with design thinking experienc with focus on the application and reflection of methods and tools.
  • duration: 3-day workshop

Deep Dive: Mechanics and Effects of Design Thinking

  • A Deep Dive for professional coaches, teachers and facilitators of Design Thinking with a focus on team/problem formation, synthesis and prototyping. This workshop targets those who already coach and teach Design Thinking and would like to strengthen and deepen their knowledge and skills using insights from cutting edge research on Design Thinking and related disciplines. 
  • duration: 3-day workshop

Professional Track - Managing Complexity

  • Become a Design Thinking expert with true creative confidence and apply Design Thinking  to complex problems in strategic areas such as collaboration, innovation and strategy. Special feature: You bring your own project, which you work on during the program.
  • duration: 9 on-campus days over 3 months, with interim project work and remote coaching

Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Development

  • Together we will design an overview of the three agile approaches. In short teamwork phases, we try out an exemplary representation of each approach, without comprehensive methodical training. The participants work in small teams and will be guided throughout the whole workshop by experts with long run project experience from both Design Thinking and agile development.

  • duration: 3-day workshop

Design Thinking and Organizational Implementation- Program by HPI Academy and ESMT Berlin 

  • Participants learn principles of the Design Thinking and familiarize themselves with the major steps of this process. Participants also enhance their ability to trigger changes in managerial practices of their firms.
  • duration: 3-day workshop at HPI Academy and ESMT Berlin

Certification Program - How you can teach innovation and guide creative teams 

  • As more people want to learn about Design Thinking, it becomes increasingly important to ensure the availability of high-quality instruction and training. Our Certification Program draws on the HPI’s extensive experience of delivering excellent education to both students and executives.
  • duration: 20 days over the course of 12 months

Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation - Program by HPI and Stanford Center for Professional Development

  • Hasso Plattner Institute and the Stanford Center for Professional Development offer a unique, joint program that provides you with a broad overview of the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation for your business. The 3 blocks will equip you with the critical management and technology skills that you need to navigate the ongoing digital evolution and to conceive, lead and execute digital innovation initiatives.
  • duration: 2x3 days at Potsdam and 1x4 days at Stanford

Design Thinking meets Change Management

  • This workshop focuses on directed application and exploration of Design Thinking for Change Management. This workshop gives participants an opportunity to hack standard Change Management practices to include more agility and human-centeredness. The results embody the ethos of Design Thinking and encourage innovative practice in an important organizational area.
  • duration: 1-day workshop