Venue: Day 1

Hasso Plattner Institute Academy
August-Bebel-Straße 88
14482 Potsdam

Days 2 + 3

ESMT / Campus Berlin-Schöneberg
Akazienstraße 3A
10823 Berlin

Costs:  EUR 3,500.– (plus 19 % VAT)

Includes: participation, materials, happy hour on day 1 and networking event on day 2. Participants receive a joint certificate from HPI Academy and ESMT.

Workshop Language: Inputs and presentations are in English.

Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches

Design Thinking has become an increasingly popular method for crafting creative solutions to complex problems in businesses and organizations across the globe. A key advantage of the methods and mind-sets of Design Thinking is that they are relevant to a very wide range of fields, issues and problems. At the same time, however, such a range of possibilities creates thorny challenges for innovation teams and the people that train them.

The Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches (“Certification Program” for short) responds to these challenges by providing the training that enables individuals to support innovation teams and to teach the methods and mind-sets of Design Thinking. Participants in the Certification program will profit from the unique institutional setting of the Hasso Plattner Institute. Here, they will be able to access the wealth of experience accrued in years of educating students and executives in Design Thinking.

What is more, participants of the program join our growing global alumni network of certified Design Thinking coaches. As a key member of the Global Design Thinking Association, the HPI also sets global standards in the training of Design Thinking coaches through this program.