Our decade-long experience and an extraordinary educational portfolio for your personal career

More than a decade ago, we established ourselves as Design Thinking pioneers in Germany and Europe. Today the HPI Academy is a Center of Excellence for professional development. The HPI Academy is one of the leading providers of education in enabling innovation and transformation in settings in which digital, leadership, and method competences play a deciding role.​​

We offer a practical approach to our knowledge that is outstanding, international and scientifically sound.​ Our new HPI Academy Certificate “Innovation Excellence” certifies your competence to professionally introduce and lead innovation and transformation processes. ​​

The HPI Academy is known as center of excellence and its affiliation with the Digital Engineering Faculty of the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) and the University of Potsdam guarantees superior trainings and workshops with high academic standards.​ The HPI Academy maps the transition of knowledge  on all relevant future and innovation topics and qualifies professionals for the challenges of tomorrow.​

Our confirmations of participation and certificates are recognized verifications of your training with us.  Additionally, our new "HPI Academy Certificate of Innovation Excellence" certifies your ability to develop solutions for complex problems in an array of contexts by applying agile and user-centered methods.  All information about our certificates can be found below.

The offerings of the HPI Academy are based on a sound scientific learning model

The offerings of the HPIA are based on research, ensuring that you have an optimal learning experience with us! 

Through using "Integrated Learning Performance Model" described below, we build on the research of the Hasso Plattner Institute and particularly of our colleague Mana Taheri. In 2016 Taheri, Unterholzer, Hölzle und Meinel* created this model, building on the work of Kraiger, Ford, Salas** and other renowned scientists. This multidimensional learning model is recommended for acquiring Design Thinking skills. 

Learning Design Thinking occurs on multiple levels and the changes that happen internally play out on the level of cognition (gaining knowledge), skills (as in method competence), and affective (attitudes and values) levels. According to Taheri and her colleagues, these three levels play equally important roles in the learning outcomes and are strongly connected to each other.

The HPI Academy Certificate of Innovation Excellence in just a few steps

You earn the "HPI Academy Certificate of Innovation Excellence" when you fulfill the following requirements:​


  • You have successfully completed a minimum of five full workshop days at the HPI Academy since 2020​ ​or​​
  • You successfully completed at least five days before 2019 AND have refreshed your knowledge with our Strategic Design Thinking for Everyday course online.​

Reasons to complete the HPI Academy Certificate of Innovation Excellence:

  • Become part of the community of the internationally renowned Hasso Plattner Institute and become one of the first people to recognize your innovation capabilities officially via the  "HPI Academy Certificate of Innovation Excellence” 

  • If you participated in an HPIA workshop via your company, you can count these days toward your certification (starting in 2021)​

  • Use your certification for your next career step or your next salary negotiation​

  • Let us support you on your long-term professional development goals with further certifications​

  • Open up career chances and build awareness from HR and innovation departments as well as in your broader business networks in LinkedIn and Xing

Certificates of attendance and certificates of the HPI Academy at a glance

Confirmation of participation​

Everyone who successfully completes any online, hybrid or in-person workshop with the HPI Academy will receive a confirmation of participation from us. ​

Certificates for multiweek, intensive programs​

Through the following programs - which represent comprehensive, multi-week learning experiences on a variety of topics – you will receive a certificate upon successful completion:​

New: Certificate of Innovation Excellence

You will receive the "HPI Academy Certificate of Innovation Excellence" for participating in at least five days of our HPI Academy workshops


* (Taheri, Mana / Unterholzer, Thomas / Hölzle, Katharina / Meinel, Christoph (2016): An educational perspective on design thinking learning outcomes, paper presented at The ISPIM Innovation Forum, Boston, MA, USA.)

** (Kraiger, Kurt / Ford, J. Kevin / Salas, Eduardo (1993): Application of Cognitive, Skill-Based and Affective Theories of Learning Outcomes to New Methods of Training Education, in: Journal of Applied Psychology, 78, 311-328.)